Buying a new sofa but concerned about your old sofa in your house? A new sofa elevates the aesthetics of your house and adds a relaxing element to the space. An old sofa can be uncomfortable and may not even match the style of your house. If your old sofa is useless, it is best to remove it and not keep it at home as it will take up the space and do nothing else. There are several options for getting rid of your old couch. You can consider the following when thinking about how to get rid of an old couch:

  • Sell it
  • Donate it
  • Recycle it
  • List it online
  • Reach out to the skip-hire company

Sell it

How to dispose of a couch? If your old sofa is in poor condition, the best option is to sell it. You can talk to the nearest store that accepts old sofas. This way, you will be able to get some money in return and get rid of the old couch.

You can even ask your friends and family if they need it. You never know who needs a couch, and it could greatly help them if you give it to them for free. It is always nice to be able to help your dear ones and get them your couch for free if it serves no purpose to you.

Donate it

Another option for ‘how to get rid of a sofa’ is donating it, but who would take it? Your old sofa could benefit many needy people and local charities. It would be nothing to you but could mean so much to them. Before donating, check for major tears, damage, pest infection, mould growth, or other major issues affecting someone.

Recycle it

When the sofa is in such a condition that it cannot be used anymore or given to anyone, it is best to get it recycled. If you need clarification about how to throw away a couch, your local recycling centre can recycle it to reduce waste. You will need a large vehicle to transport it to the recycling centre. Recycle it to adopt an environmentally friendly way to remove the sofa. 

List it online

There are several places to sell your sofa online. Please take a picture, set appropriate pricing, and add it to selling groups, eBay, and the Facebook marketplace. This will help you with how to get rid of an old sofa. It will be much easier to get a potential buyer if you list it on the first day when discarding the sofa comes to mind. This is important because selling things takes time and even longer to reach the final settlement.

Reach out to the skip-hire company.

A sofa is not necessarily trash and needs a separate pickup. Some companies are willing to take the old sofa and offer a discount when buying a new one. If you don’t have such an exchange offer, call a skip hire the day you book your new sofa. 

A Skip hire in Epsom may not necessarily directly help get rid of a sofa, but a few may. The policy differs from company to company. You can select a company that can help you dispose of the old couch and has affordable skip-hire prices in Epsom. Good skip-hire companies are quick with their service. You can book an Epsom skip as per your availability, and they will pick it up without asking you even to shift it. That’s amazing, right?


When buying a new sofa, thousands of questions could be running in your mind like how do I get rid of a couch, how to dispose of a sofa, how to dispose of an old couch, The daily waste collector will not help remove the sofa as it is big and bulky. A sofa completely differs from regular household waste; the waste collector did not sign up for this. So, you need to look for alternatives. A sofa can be big and need additional help to move it. You can call the professional skip hire service without hurting your back. They will be able to help you by doing everything effortlessly. Contact a cheap skip hire in Epsom like Skip Hire Epsom, and let them take care of your old couch!